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E&P Information Management

E&P Information Management

As exploration and production challenges intensify, the ability to effectively manage E&P data from Acquisition to Decision™ takes on even more importance. By developing and integrating a holistic information mana... Read more...



Operators exploring and exploiting hydrocarbons in today's complex deepwater plays face increasing technical, financial and regulatory challenges. With rig costs soaring to a half million dollars per day and wells tha... Read more...

Get more out of unconventionals

Get more out of unconventionals

As new technology creates new opportunities for accessing resources, the industry is seeking unconventional resources and pursuing smaller accumulations. These new opportunities mean new risks and uncertainties, and L... Read more...

  • E&P Information Management

    E&P Information Management

  • Deepwater


  • Get more out of unconventionals

    Get more out of unconventionals



s exploration and production challenges intensify, the ability to effectively manage E&P data from Acquisition to Decision™ takes on even more importance. By developing and integrating a holistic information management solution, overall communication is enhanced, business strategic alignment is made easier, data integrity, consistency, and accuracy go up while data management time and costs go down. SAP Oil makes that happen with the most comprehensive information management portfolio in the industry.



Increase confidence in data quality 
SAP Oil’s DecisionSpace® Data Quality technology builds confidence by using repeatable, E&P industry-based rules to profile, audit, and validate the quality of data, providing quick assessment of a data store.  Continuous improvement is achieved through the perpetual monitoring and automation of regularly scheduled data quality jobs that keep management informed of  data quality status changes.  Comparisons between data sources and stores can be measured over time.

Develop a trusted source for all borehole data.
Immense amounts of borehole data from multiple wells and multiple sources are acquired daily.. Extremely complex and vitally important, this data underpins interpretation of the extent and location of oil and gas reserves. The Recall™ Borehole software serves as a single repository for all borehole data. Exploiting it provides faster and more informed decisions while simultaneously reducing the risks associated with duplicated copies of data. Recall Borehole software can provide increased business agility and flexibility because data is loaded and QC’ed once and then becomes immediately available to all users to enhance their interpretations. 

Increase the speed of geoscience interpretations while decreasing the risk.
Recall™ Raven software employs automation to significantly reduce resources required to load borehole data—saving time and costs. A petrophysicist’s knowledge is captured and applied to enhance the quality of stored data, thus improving decision-making.  The Raven application increases workflow optimization by automatically publishing corporate databases and publishing business rules for handling acquisition and processed data.



Raise the quality, improve the integration.
Dispersed disciplines, silos and self-ownership make integration and collaboration hard enough. But when the quality of the data is in doubt, it simply exacerbates the problem. SAP Oil’s DecisionSpace® Data Quality software can build confidence in the data through use of repeatable, E&P industry-based rules to profile, audit, and validate quality. Data health is quickly assessed, bottlenecks removed, and results compared across data sources. Data quality improvements over time are tracked and communicated to management and users.

Extend your reach, acquire more data.
SAP Oil’s PowerHub™ software allows companies to extend access to third-party or proprietary data stores through vendor-neutral data connect modules. Accessing multiple data sources through a single user interface provides a holistic environment for rapid data analysis and improved decision-making.
Find and use the information you need faster.
SAP Oil’s PetrisWINDS® Enterprise software technology enables an E&P company to efficiently find and manage structured or unstructured data, and move information from one application to another rapidly, without errors or loss of integrity. It’s the ultimate framework to centrally manage corporate repositories, control data flows and automatically promote information to the user community. Easy to use and secure, PetrisWINDS® software provides a single source capability to avoid making key decisions on faulty or incomplete information.

Integrate people and technology as well as data.
SAP Oil’s DecisionSpace® Platform can make your organization stronger and more agile by transforming information into insight. No other E&P technology platform can deliver an enterprise-grade foundation capable of enabling business agility, flexibility, and rapid response to the industry’s ever changing market dynamics.



Spend less time searching and more time making better decisions.
When it comes to capacity, security, retrieval and recoverability, SAP Oil provides the most comprehensive portfolio of data storage solutions in the industry. 

  • The Corporate Data Store™database  is the corporate repository for storing all of your definitive E&P results.
  • The robust Advanced Data Transfer™  toolkit  makes moving data between data stores and into a corporate data store database simple and efficient.  
  • Engineers Data Model™ software is the industry's most complete and proven well data management solution.

Store more intelligently, manage more effectively.
Across the spectrum of an assets life cycle, information intelligently stored and easily shared helps information flow easier and leads to better decision making.

  • SAP Oil's DecisionSpace® InSite® software gives you real-time solutions in a unified platform for operators to take control of real-time data and infrastructure to promote safety and drive efficiencies in well construction.
  • The OpenWorks® database is the industry-leading geoscience data store that effectively manages, accesses, and analyzes a broad range of oilfield project data in a single database.
  • PetroBank® Master Data Store™ software manages bulk seismic, well, production and other raw, technical information at a corporate, regional, or national level for rapid distribution to a network of clients.

Don't just store information, build knowledge
With SAP Oil's PressWorks™ software, you can have an award-winning geomechanics database designed and implemented to provide a retrospective of what has been learned. You can then apply those lessons to the future development of your PressWorks database, specifically, as well as to the that of other relational databases.

  • SAP Oil's Reference Data Manager™ software can create and propagate reference data standards, keeping data compliant with established standards while preserving data integrity at all times.



See more, but maintain perspective.
In today's environment it's more important than ever to be able to access disparate information and knowledge. But as information resources are identified and centralized, it becomes harder to retain spatial information for mapping. SAP Oil's PowerExplorer® software is a Web-based GIS data management tool with advanced capabilities to browse and manage spatial or tubular E&P data. It is tailored to meet the needs of all asset team members—geophysicists, geologists, engineers, data managers, technicians, and data operators. With the PowerExplorer system, data is federated from a master data store, project data store, and corporate data store to provide a complete picture of data availability. 

More ways to manage, more ways to use.

With SAP Oil's DecisionSpace® Information Management Portal, your data visualization options expand exponentially.  And each one is based on a solid ecosystem, application, integration, and information management foundation.

  • Bring multiple data management tools to the DecisionSpace end user.
  • Migrate information management functionality to a web interface.  Employ a myriad of features such as SharePoint, feature-based packaging, integration with Silverlight, complex charts and data grids, content life-cycle management and more.

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