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ARIES Modeler

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eet diverse planning needs.

ARIES™ Modeler software evaluates complex fiscal regimes such as PSCs, PSAs, and Canadian royalties and integrates them into standard ARIES projects.  It also automates multi-well/reservoir drilling programs while integrating probabilistic economic modeling for unconventional resource plays and deep water assets all while retaining the familiar ARIES workflows, rollup capabilities and forecasting features.

Flexible modeling environment.

Company experts can use the fully customizable modeling engine to create the exact calculations they need for their contracts and assets, and can publish these models for non-experts within the company for use in day-to-day evaluations. Intermediate-level and even novice modelers can rely on the included examples of Production Sharing Contracts and multi-well deterministic and stochastic resource play models as starting points for common asset evaluation needs.


International capabilities.

ARIES Modeler is routinely used by international project engineers, business analysts and planners, fiscal modelers and negotiators and corporate reserves managers.  The software also serves as a data integration interface between internally calculated results and external database, spreadsheet, XML or text files often used by middle ware applications.

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