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ffective collaboration requires linking people with information. Using a scalable, web-based, service-oriented architecture, AssetObserver™ software solves the challenge of diverse data and helps multi-domain, multi-location teams collaborate effectively for faster, more effective decision-making. The software federates multiple data sources  and offers visualization in context across your organization. AssetObserver software gives each team member access to a shared, collaborative environment that draws from existing data sources.

Improve productivity.
A frequently cited statistic states that engineers spend 50% or more of their time manipulating data. AssetObserver software frees engineers and operations staff to focus their attention on higher value or critical tasks by handling routine data management tasks, such as locating, moving, validating, converting and reporting.

Access asset data with a single sign-on.
AssetObserver software provides single sign-on access via a secure, web-based interface. Asset teams, subject matter experts, vendors, and partners can all access asset data without leaving their desks. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface gives them powerful, built-in visualization tools for customizing the data they see and how they see it.

Collaborate securely.
AssetObserver software brings together portal, content management, and collaboration tools allowing users to create, share, and publish content in a secure environment.

Adapt to meet any challenge.
With truly open standards and technologies, and a service-oriented architecture, AssetObserver software can solve a broad range of business problems. The system can be easily configured to conform to company standards and individual asset operating environments.

Build on an extensible platform.
AssetObserver software was created to operate in complex, high-frequency data environments. Role-based access is built into the system. Adding new data sources or modifying the business (logical) data model by adding new data types, business services and presentation graphics is straightforward and easy.

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