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Pressworks™ Relational Database

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ore pressure and geomechanics data comes in multiple formats from diverse sources and is often of unknown quality. Pressworks™ relational database is designed specifically for storing, managing, and sharing pore pressure and geomechanical data. In addition to pore pressure prediction and modeling, the data can be easily integrated in subsurface mapping, well planning, and wellbore engineering workflows via connectivity to the OpenWorks® project database and SAP Oil’s Engineer’s Data Model™ database.

Get convenient and secure access.

Streamline collaboration across subsurface modeling, engineering, and well planning using a Pressworks relational database. Store, manage, and share a broad range of pore pressure and geomechanical data quickly and easily. The database provides engineers and others involved in planning and real-time drilling operations convenient and secure access to a broad range of relevant information.

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