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Drillworks® Pro

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rilling safe and economic deviated wells in complex reservoirs requires additional analysis and precise well planning. Drillworks® Pro software provides comprehensive pore pressure and geomechanical analysis for single-well applications. This package includes all the features of Drillworks Standard software and additional modules for data browsing, integrated analysis to help identify wellbore stability issues in advance of drilling, seal integrity, compartment analysis, and seismic velocity processing and correction.

Trust your trap.

With the Drillworks Safe Seal module, exploration and drilling teams can test for commercial accumulations of hydrocarbons and assess the possibility of a top-seal breach. In the drilling phase, plan mud weights and casing points more precisely with a better understanding of sealing mechanisms and attendant pore pressures.

Stay on top of wellbore stability.

In directional and abnormally pressured wells, the Drillworks Geostress module can help quickly identify and reduce stability-related problems during drilling, logging and casing. The technology helps operators fine-tune mud weights and casing depths—even for the most complex deviated well.

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