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Engineering Notes Plug-in for DecisionSpace

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o continuously improve operations, companies need to be able to track incidents and downtime. By studying the relationship between each incident and its location, asset teams can better investigate the possible causes and plan preventative and mitigation processes to avoid future lost time. Engineering Notes™ Plug-in for DecisionSpace® software enables geoscientists and engineers to capture and visually reference downhole incident data and display it in the 3D subsurface model.

Track incidents with ease.

Capture and visually reference downhole incident data using Knowledge Attachments to mark any noteworthy downhole incident. Note unplanned activities, nonproductive time, or other drilling-operations data. Knowledge Attachments are displayed as a cube along a wellbore path with visibility from all angles in a 3D view. The software provides seven Knowledge Attachment types, or create additional custom types. 

Improve decision making and knowledge management.

The software enables a diagnostic review of data stored in the OpenWorks® and Engineer's Data Model™ databases. 3D visualization of a wellbore with Knowledge Attachments can show trends for downhole incident information, including the type of incident and where certain incidents tend to occur. The application provides a central location for drilling-operation knowledge management. Review potential incidents, prepare contingency plans, and capture lessons learned.

Collaborate between office and rigsite.

The DecisionSpace environment enables collaboration between drilling, geoscience, and petrophysical engineers at the office and the rigsite. Using a real-time connection provided by OpenWire® software, asset teams can visually manage data and improve decisions for the entire operation in real time, regardless of their location.

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