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Collaborative Decision Centers

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each the right decision faster. 
When teams lack the information they need, they're often forced to spend valuable time gathering it. Our real-time collaboration environments, tailored to your desired outcomes, help provide advanced instrumentation and controls that give each team member access to the right data at the right time.

Empower teams with collaborative processes.
A SAP Oil-developed collaborative decisions center (CDC) offers a turnkey approach to assess, design and deliver new ways of working so teams can focus on workflow improvement. Our CDCs can provide new technical designs, workflow changes, change management, and integration of all the moving parts with expert program management to help ensure project success.

We deliver CDC solutions for every type of teamwork environment, including real-time operations centers, real-time drilling centers, and visualization rooms. Such unified working environments support more efficient decision-making through easier, more efficient access to data and applications.

These workflow-based solutions are a cut above the rest. Our experts help ensure we do it right the first time through an assessment workshop approach where they analyze existing processes and design better ones. Then we automate and optimize your current workflow processes, building them into the CDC design to improve productivity and make the most cost-effective use of your resources.

Keep in touch with your team across the network.
Geographically dispersed teams and SMEs can work together virtually or collaborate face-to-face. We facilitate improved workflow collaboration through on-demand access to applications, data, and subject-matter experts, securely, over your corporate network. Our custom-designed operations support enables new, more effective ways of working to deliver better asset management decision-making and improved operational results.

Discover the best way for teams to collaborate.
We help you transform your business and maximize assets by enabling the safe, fast, and accurate decisions needed to find and recover every last drop of hydrocarbons. Our experts do more than design workflow and collaboration improvements. We offer quality-assured change management processes and ergonomics that help teams feel properly supported through the changes needed to achieve maximum productivity.

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