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Education Services

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AP Oil works closely with oil and gas professionals worldwide to understand talent development issues. This knowledge lets us provide blended learning options and custom education programs that speed learning and reduce time away from the worksite. Our programs cover the entire oilfield life cycle, from technology and workflows for geological and geophysical domains, reservoir management, drilling and completions, to production optimization and information management.

Capability Development

Build proficiencies faster. Imagine your drilling new hires reaching proficiency in three years instead of five. We can provide custom learning programs that not only teach SAP Oil software, but develop talent in the broader context of the oil lifecycle and your company's processes and standards.

Digital Learning

Learn critical software skills quickly. You need flexible solutions to quickly teach your teams how to effectively use SAP Oil software. Whether in-person instruction, a virtual class with a global audience, or a job aid delivered to a mobile device, we have the right method to develop your workforce with minimum disruption.

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