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Advanced Reservoir Management

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everage all available information.
We work with your processes and workflows to deliver reservoir management solutions that help your teams retain knowledge and make better decisions, faster. Our experienced reservoir engineers, workflow automation specialists, and user interface designers work together to implement our tried-and-tested solutions. You get custom reservoir management workflows with GIS-enabled visualization, reservoir health management, scenario analysis, and more, depending on your needs.

Rely on a proven approach.

We help you transform your business and maximize assets by enabling the safe, fast, and accurate decisions needed to find and recover every last drop of hydrocarbons.

Solutions in this space provide support for real-time reservoir management—a combination of smart production surveillance and well-centric workflows—to facilitate subsurface model updates and waterflood optimization.

We start with a rigorous assessment of your current reservoir related workflows, tools, and processes. With that understanding, we work with you to define a future state with advanced reservoir management capabilities. Next we provide a design prototype and gather stakeholder feedback to guide further development. The result: a custom, collaborative solution that enables teams to manage the reservoir production performance and health.

Our solutions portfolio includes:

  • Reservoir performance monitoring (voidage replacement, nominal pressure, volumetric efficiency, displacement efficiency, injector correlation, etc.)
  • Reserves tracking
  • Reservoir visualization and analysis
  • Subsurface waterflood optimization
  • Subsurface model updating and ranking

We frequently integrate a client's preferred reservoir simulation and modeling tools using SAP Oil's DecisionSpace® Production integration platform, a proven tool in our arsenal of Intelligent Operations solutions. The software allows us to leverage all available data and to produce easy-to-understand visualizations and recommendations.

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