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onfigurable and scalable accounting, land and production software for U.S. oil and gas companies


Automate the complex business process requirements found in the US with SAP Oil’s on-premise solution BOLO. BOLO is a flexible solution that is easily adaptable to your operations requirements. This powerful management solution delivers functionality across:



  • Accounting
  • Production and operations
  • Land and lease management
  • Compliance and audit
  • Tax and asset management

Additionally, BOLO provides business intelligence that incorporates data from other parts of your organization to enable you to analyze and manage your business with knowledge at your fingertips.

Leveraging an unparalleled depth of energy industry knowledge and expertise, BOLO is designed to simplify routine finance and operations functions. This allows your staff to spend more time on the things that truly matter, like cost-savings analysis and business analytics.

SAP Oil's BOLO software benefits your organization by bringing you a solution that is:

  • Highly Configurable - to conform to your unique and changing needs
  • Scalable - manage hundreds, or tens of thousands of properties
  • Open - integrate internally and with third-party systems
  • Easy to Use - to get your users quickly productive
  • Easy to Administer - no expensive IT support required
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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