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Shift Log

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he Challenge

Plant or facility operational information is often stored in multiple formats and locations, making shift handover, continuous improvement processes and understanding of production performance a time consuming and difficult process.

Operational information is usually stored in a number of locations, typically notebooks and personal diaries, with ongoing issues generally recorded on whiteboards and in periodical performance meeting minutes.

A user-friendly and single-environment tool is required to promote internal communication, by extending the functionality of the traditional operator log book system. This will assist operators, supervisors and all levels of management with the crucial task of communication within and between operational work patterns and across various business departments.

The Solution

SAP Oil Shift Log provides a configurable solution in a single environment that captures performance information for all levels of business operations.

SAP Oil Shift Log allows a simple progression from manual logs to a web-based system. It allows users to view, record and manage events and information during a shift, such as comments, ongoing issues, rolling threats, out-of-service equipment and daily task lists.

It also provides the ability to retrieve historical communications and evidence for performance comparison to support continuous improvement processes.

This allows management to gain a better understanding of operational performance against Key Process Indicators and implement appropriate improvement actions.


Key Features

  • Extensive configurability of shifts, areas, equipment and units.
  • Records comments and ongoing issues.
  • Configurable approval workflow.
  • Configurable reports.
  • Flags and highlights ongoing issues.
  • Advanced search capability.
  • Records incidents, equipment performance and operating targets.
  • Records threats and out-of-service equipment, until the item is resolved.
  • Tracks service-request numbers against equipment, which facilitates process improvements.
  • Generates shift-handover reports that are exportable to Microsoft Excel.
  • Time-stamps all user entries.
  • Viewable on large monitors, with automated scrolling for lengthy logs and automatic refresh.

Solution Benefits

  • Models your specific communication structure and records important additional information in a structured format.
  • Improves understanding of operational performance.
  • Permanent single point of reference enables distributed workforces to stay informed.
  • Captures and shares information across a shift (e.g., health, safety and environmental issues, upcoming maintenance schedules and material movements, which streamlines shift handover).
  • Identifies events leading up to costly breakdowns or equipment failure, which may reduce maintenance costs.
  • Consistent information available to operations, management and transient staff, which assists with informed decision-making.
  • An important link in risk management and continuous improvement processes.
  • Flexibility with configurable report content and style.
  • Auditable single repository for all logged plant activity and useful for competency-based training.
  • Easily viewed with little or no computer interaction from users, while monitoring up-to-date logsyle.

Technology Vitals

SAP Oil Shift Log has a three-tier structure comprising a web-based client platform, a Server platform using Windows Server 2008 R2 and .NET Framework to provide interoperability and processing. Cached data and configuration is stored in Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases.

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