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OpenWorks Database Application

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ith increasing pressure to quickly produce more accurate well locations and with rapidly expanding volumes of project data, it’s more essential than ever for teams to manage and share data easily and efficiently. With SAP Oil's industry-leading OpenWorks® software, effectively manage, access and analyze a broad range of oilfield project data in a single database. With one location for dynamically updated data, teams can produce faster, more accurate well locations while saving money on traditionally time-intensive interpreting and knowledge transfer.

Reduce duplication to save valuable time.
Ensuring that all members of an asset team are engaged in using the same, up-to-date copy of a given data set is critical to helping minimize uncertainty and risk. With the OpenWorks® solution, the project database now stores all shared data around an asset, not just the data for a single project, reducing data duplication. Since changes to data are shared dynamically across both teams and interpretation projects, asset teams can make better, faster decisions by drawing from common data. And with fewer data sets to manage, maintain and synchronize, they save on IT operational costs.

Capture and share knowledge across teams and over time.
As industry demographics change and experienced personnel move on to other projects or retirement, it's essential for new staff members to ramp up quickly and for novices to learn more effectively. Improved "tagging" using Interpretation Notes helps asset team members who are unfamiliar with a project decision easily review relevant data and display it on the DecisionSpace® application of their choice. New staff members can ramp up faster, and novices can quickly gain expertise, saving training time and preparing the next generation's workforce.

Make better decisions using integrated prestack data.
Previously, prestack seismic data, which provides a much more accurate picture than poststack data, was only available to geophysical specialists. Now any member of the asset team can easily access and share prestack data, leading to reduced analysis and drilling time, more accurate well placement, and reduced risk.

Access data from any application.
Whether using a SAP Oil application, a product from another vendor, or a proprietary application, access the same copy of OpenWorks project data. Based on an open platform, the OpenWorks database provides data to the widest range of E&P applications in the industry.

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